Welcome To the Camp Roxx

Get closer to nature, adventure and leisure in the mesmerising mountains!

We all need a break from our stressful lives at home and Camp Roxx can be your getaway for that.

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    Welcome To the Camp Roxx

    Get closer to nature, adventure and leisure in the mesmerising mountains!

    We all need a break from our stressful lives at home and Camp Roxx can be your getaway for that.

    Get in Touch with us

    Please feel free to fill the form.


      Wander around the wonders of nature!

      Are you looking to sneak out of your jam-packed schedule? Look no further! At Camp Roxx, we have got it all. We can be your spot for a blend of adventurous activities and offbeat surroundings. As one of the weekend getaways near Chandigarh, our offbeat place can take you to the thrill wrapped in the mountains. Upon your visit to Camp Roxx, you can surround yourself with the wonders of nature. Your trip to Camp Roxx can skip you to the good part.

      Over here, we have taken care of all the industry-standard safety measures to conduct all the activities safely. With the assistance of trained instructors, you can measure and indulge yourself in fun-tastic activities as per your preference. Come, be a part of our camp!

      Next to Nature

      Give yourself the green therapy in the enchanting lodging.

      Closer to reach

      Get  closer to nature in less than 3 hours from Chandigarh.

      Optimum Package

      This package is what you need to recreate your peace.

      An offbeat, rejuvenating spot for vacations near Chandigarh is waiting for you to discover!

      Camp Roxx- For the people who seek nature, peace and adventure

      Situated in the Shivalik hills, Kangojodi is an offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur  district, 33 kms ahead of Nahan. Camp Roxx is nestled in the pine forest of this location, which allows us to pave the way for our guests to make the best of their leisure. You can picturise your stay with us with the soothing scenery and the fragrance of the mountains. However, that is just one of the aspects you can focus on. We offer a three-day package in which you can indulge yourself in several indoor and outdoor activities. That makes it a perfect spot for both nature lover introverts and adventure-loving extroverts. 

      As it is essential for you to be a part of the hustle, it is also necessary for you to give yourself an escape. Now, when it comes to looking for camps near Chandigarh, here is what you can expect from your tour with Camp Roxx:

      An offbeat camping experience that makes you feel at home

      Did you wait for too long to find places to visit near Chandigarh? Wait no more! Here is what you can attain from your 3 days camping trip in the laps of mesmerising mountains of Himachal with us.

      Facilities at our camp

      Being one of the unexplored places in Himachal Pradesh, Camp Roxx can be your spot for:

      Private Accommodation

      Bring your friends, partner or family for a camping experience without compromising on basic comforts. Cabins with and without attached washrooms available on different tariffs for advanced booking only.

      Spacious Dining Area

      Enjoy an indoor game or puzzle inside our 1200 sq. Ft. dining/common hall. Our buffet finds your way to a quick hunger fix here too.

      Clean & Hygienic Premises

      We pride ourselves for following the “no trace culture”. The surroundings and area is kept 100% clean and hygienic with post COVID SOPs and protocols for your safety.

      Farm To Fork Food

      Our buffet meals are included in your package during the whole stay and all materials are procured straight from nearby farms. Experience homely cuisines that keep you energetic and stuffed for the whole day.

      Activities & Sports

      Enjoy table tennis, badminton and volleyball in big open spaces. Or do play one of our indoor selection of games and lounge around in the common hall.

      Seasonal Stream

      Take a dip in the natural spring water body at the camp premises. In certain months of the year, you can even enjoy a super relaxing swim. Perfect spot for your Insta reels!

      Bonfire & DJ night

      Every evening is a bonfire night at Kangojodi. Find new friends, enjoy a cozy bonfire under the stars and make memories of a lifetime after the sun goes down to the tunes from our in-house DJ.

      Away from the city crowd!

      Whether it is about finding the picnic spot or a vacation destination near Chandigarh, Camp Roxx can serve you in many ways. By now, you have read about what we have to offer in our package. Now, we want to know about the experiences you will make after reaching us and unveiling an unexplored place near Chandigarh. To begin creating them, we need you to reach us!


      An amazing camping experience for new generationswith everyday activities

      We promise you a remarkable experience with our fun-tastic activities!

      At Camp Roxx, we strive to make every experience a remarkable one. We offer the itinerary for uplifting every minute of the time you decide to spend with us. Depending on what you want to avail, you can get a separate area for a bonfire, in which you can add our music arrangement.

      As a spot for a weekend getaway, we promise to deliver you the enchanting times so that you can have more reasons to come to us again. Whether you have to come to us with your tribe or family, we have made proper arrangements for your accommodation. We have 15 spacious units, one of which is sufficient for a group  of 4-5 adults. Our cabins are waterproof and have thermal insulation as well.  

      Trusted by over 1000 families in over 12 years

      Get yourself ready, set for the camping and go ahead!

      Aiming to create a remarkably energetic tour for you!



      Nature Connecting

      Wait no more for your camping experience in Himachal!

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